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[Sticky] From WEGM President David Zimmerman


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To the WEGM members: As the COVID-19 virus worsens the club has to be within the guidelines with the state and local governments. That was the reason we cannot have the April 4, 2020 Board and General meetings. They will not allow more than 10 people at any gathering. We will probably not be able to have the May general meeting but will have a Board meeting by the officers using their I phones. We have to take care of business.

As for the properties: We have had several members from the Atlanta area come and stay on the properties just to get away from the virus. What a great idea, great family time! Please remember
that all the members still have to obey the Rules & Regulations about the 14 day limit to stay on the property. You can only stay 14 days (overnight) in any consecutive 30 day period. At this time the properties remain open until we are told we have to shut them down.

This virus is very serious so please obey the “stay at home order” in your state. I will try to keep the members posted on what is going on in the club. Be Safe!!


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