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Lack of response from elected officials of WEGM  


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20/07/2020 7:26 pm  
I believe that at our next meeting we should address the lack of response from our elected officials to questions, and request for assistance, from our WEGM members.
I have been unable to get responses to my questions, no call backs only one or two emails.
I spoke with David Zimmerman in early 2020 about my producing maps of The Turner Property. David said sure, that would be great.
I produced a very good quality set of maps (3) for the Turner property.
I UPS'ed the maps (3) to David Zimmerman on April 23, 2020.
David Zimmerman said he would present the maps to the board for approval and corrections as necessary.
I tried to work with David Zimmerman from early 2020 until today on these maps.
David has the maps, but he will not turn them over to the board for approval, and he will not answer my phone calls.
Prior to the July 4, 2020 meeting I spoke with Ed Nefferdolf (Vice President / Membership Director) and Lee Day (Board Member).
At the June 2020 membership meeting, a member asked about the maps and was ignored.
During the time I was creating the maps, I could not get David to respond to any of my questions concerning the maps. When I called David, he always told me he would bring it up at the next meeting.
These images are "PRINT SCREEN" shots of the PDF files. They are in PNG format, and you will be able to enlarge them some, but not nearly to the quality of the PDF.
Any member who wants a copy of the PDF file maps, PM me your email address and I will send you one as soon as I'm able to verify you are a member.


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