Week End Gold Miners Prospecting Club

Prospecting sites in the Heart of Georgia’s Gold Belt

Georgia – home of the first major gold rush in the United States!

Beginning with the discovery of gold in the 1820’s on what was then Cherokee Indian land, millions of dollars worth of raw gold was taken from the North Georgia mountains. Despite the countless number of miners that have passed through the area since then, gold is still being found on a regular basis by recreational miners today. Unfortunately, unlike the western states where public land abounds, virtually all of the gold-bearing property in Georgia is privately owned making access difficult for most individuals.

That’s where the Week End Gold Miners Prospecting Club can help. Our organization is a family-oriented, non-profit corporation that gives you a place to relax, prospect for gold, visit with other prospectors and most of all, have a good time in the outdoors. On each of the properties leased by the club, members and their families are encouraged to pursue one of many exciting hobbies. Each of the properties are very rich in GOLD, GEMSTONES, artifacts and the beautiful outdoors.

Your are warmly invited to explore our web site, become a member and take part in the fun we all share!

Here are just a few of the things you will experience as a member of the Weekend Gold Miners.

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4 hours ago

What is the best way to crush quartz to pan the gold from it. ... See MoreSee Less

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We sell a battery operated crusher here at Crisson Mine.

Crusher at Crisson Gold Mine is amazing. I got mine today and it works wonders.

Like it owes you money !!!🤣

6 days ago

Todays gold out of Allison. ... See MoreSee Less

Todays gold out of Allison.

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Wow! That's awesome!

Wow and congratulations

Now that would make for a nice smelt

Nice color. I bought a dredge 2 weeks ago and would greatly appreciate it if you would help me calibrate it. I seem to be getting just 1 piece each in the 2 times I ran it. I understand the science behind it all but no so much the dredge.

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1 week ago

Finally got my dredge and looking forward to using it for the first time this weekend. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. ... See MoreSee Less

Finally got my dredge and looking forward to using it for the first time this weekend. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Take a 1” pvc pipe, as long as you can find. When the dredge stops running like it should, 99%of the time you’ve blocked the hose up with rocks. Lift the rubber mat and keep shoving that pvc pipe down the hose to break up the blockage. And always make sure your pump is primed with some water before start up. If it’s running and you don’t see water running down the sluice you’re damaging your pump. Other than that, you’re good to go, make sure to let the sucker nozzle pull clean water for a while in between pulling big rocks out of the way, to make sure your riffles in the sluice keep exchanging material. Otherwise your payload is bouncing right over the top. 👍 good luck!

keep a rubber hammer close by it helps

Never fill the gas tank in the water with a big can.

I completely agree with Jordan’s response but after you get through all that make sure you don’t have a bunch of rocks building up in your sluice box

Don’t dredge too close to a 4” , it might get sucked up😳 Just kidding brother 😊 Those are great for small creeks and shallower waters, and prospecting bedrock hotspots

Bring spare nuts, bolts, hose clamps, etc. Shutting down because you lost a but isn't fun.

Hey there! Yea spare everything. Need a rubber mallet for tapping out rock jams. A long rod or pvc pipe to pop out rock jams in the jet. Extra hose clamps! Ropes, it’s really easy to lose the rubber gasket that’s in the pressure hose as well. I take them out on the way down and bring a few extras in my box. And lunch! Not sure how familiar you are but these little dredge engines also shut off as a safety feature if they have low oil. If they won’t crank 99% of the time it has low oil or isn’t level. Speaking of which, bring a level that can go across the sluice to make sure your sluice is level. You can use rocks along the sides to help level it. So I had an old trick for the extra oil you bring. completely 100% rinsing and soaking an old squeezable soap dispenser. I would fill it half way or so with oil incase I need to squirt some in. It can be a bit tricky trying to put oil in this thing by the creek. Bring a funnel as well. What an excited feeling. Wish I was doing the same thing. I’ll be going soon. Check out my YouTube channel for some more tips. We have one video of tips. Hope this helped and good luck. Don’t forget gas. Engine will run maybe 2-2.5 hours on one tank. YouTube.com/user/sluiceboyprospecting

So the sluice should be level with no drop like a high banker?

Tip? Take someone with you that knows what there doing...

Let the pump do the work, Don't cramb the nozzle into the ground.

We love our Keene's back pack Dredge. You can watch us using it on our videos blackgoldsands.com Good luck. Have fun. 😃

I have the same unit, and the biggest issue is getting it to siphon. Once you learn to do that it works great. The intake hose is a little short to put enough water into to get enough water to start your siphon going. You might want a longer hose to use as an intake hose.

let'er eat !!!

Where did u get it I would like to have one that size

I have the same dredge and love it. One thing that I found out quick. Is to prime the pump through the foot valve. And also stretch out your suction hose and let it fill as well or water will spray like a fire hose out your sluice. Have fun!!!

Check sluice while floating and with water running over it. It's called a balance test. Adjust to 7 to 10 degree pitch as needed so rocks roll off

For fine powder gold I use miners moss under the riffles

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