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My father-in-law has passed on, my brother is almost crippled at 82 and I'm 78 and afraid to get near the slippery banks anymore. We have prospected from New England to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia. 

So, what we have hanging around is some used equipment including (2) mini sluice, gold wheel, pans, classifiers hand tools and so on for sale.

If there is any interest, I will put together photos and descriptions and see how we can get together.  I am in Zephyrhills, FL and travel to Maine for the summer and can "swing by" to deliver.

We have made several trips to Helen, Cleveland and Dahlonega and love the area.  I still have a gallon of mixins from the prospecting store...... unopened.


If anyone is seriously interested, please email me: 

Just hate to see this equipment go to waste.




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