Week End Gold Miners Properties

The club is constantly seeking to add new leases to our list of properties for members to prospect, camp, and enjoy the outdoors on with their families. In order to make sure that we can keep these properties for club use we ask that all general rules be followed and that any special regulations for each property be adhered to. Having access to private land for recreational prospecting is a privilege that is not easy to get and can only be kept by strictly adhering to all club and landowner rules. By being responsible and keeping the properties clean members make it much easier for the club to approach other landowners for possible leases because we will have a good reputation backing us up.

Please read all details and special restrictions on all of our properties so that you are aware of them before you go. We have hundreds of acres and miles of streams for you to use as a member and all we ask is that you do so responsibly and with full awareness of what activities are allowed on each property.

It is the policy of WEGM to reward members with a finders fee for locating and securing properties for the club to lease. Please contact the club secretary for details on how you can qualify for your reward!

Etowah River Property

Tesnatee River Property

  • Testnatee Creek
  • Testnatee Creek
  • Etowah Shoals
  • Etowah Bedrock

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