The Weekend Gold Miners Prospecting Club, Incorporated is a family oriented non-profit corporation that offers you a place to prospect for gold, camp, relax and visit with other members and most of all, have a good me in the outdoors. On each of our leased properties, members and their families are encouraged to pursue many exciting hobbies. Each of the leased properties is rich in GOLD, Gemstones, History, and Artifacts and of course the most beautiful scenery. You are warmly invited to become a member and join the fun.

Our membership numbers over 600 active members. Dues go for leasing gold bearing properties and general operating expenses. Officers are elected by the membership and are not paid. All work is strictly voluntary for the betterment of the club. When your application is accepted by the club, you will receive a membership packet. This packet will contain the following items…..

  • Key To All The Properties
  • 1 Week End Gold Miners Hat with Logo
  • Decals
  • Maps to All Properties
  • Rules of the Club
  • By-Laws of the Club
  • Temporary Membership Card
  • Be on our Newsletter mailing list
  • Welcome Letter with History of our Club

Full membership is $2,000.00*, but you can join today with a down payment of $100.00 of which $40.00 is for the processing and for the member kit, and the remaining $60.00 will be applied as the first 3 months dues. The rest of the balance ($1,940.00) can be paid in monthly installments of $20.00*.  A $120.00 maintenance fee will be due once a year on the month you joined.

You also have the option of pre-paying the membership fee and saving $250.00. If you choose this option you will pay $1,750.00* for the lifetime membership fee and then you will only have to pay $120.00* annually for the yearly maintenance fee.

You may terminate your membership, if dues are current, by sending a written request to the Board of Directors, P.O. Box 910, Dahlonega, Ga 30533. However all dues and fees paid are not refundable. In your membership kit you will receive WEGM Temporary member card, bylaws, rules and regulations, decals, a ball cap embroidered with Weekend Gold Miners, maps to leases, and a key to club gates. You will be mailed a permanent ID card with member number.

As you can see, this is a very minimal price for all of the excitement and fun your family can get from being in the Great Outdoors.

* subject to change without notice

Click here for a Membership Application

In addition to mailing in the Membership Application, you can stop by one of the following Week End Gold Miners Club agents to obtain immediate membership. Once they receive your application and associated fees, you will receive the complete membership package described above.

Crisson Gold Mine
Dahlonega, GA
(706) 864-6363

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