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4" Keene Dredge w/air and several upgrades

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Lightly used 3 year old 4" Keene Dredge... full package deal ready to go in the water today! $4000.00

T-80 air compressor. 20' of air line, air reservoir, and full mask with regulator. 

Upgraded to Gold Hog Mats last year, but have all parts to switch back to the original 3 stage set up to go along with it. 

2 wetsuits: first is a 5/7mil for cooler weather and second is a 3mil for summer warm weather. XXL and XXXL size. Fits me at 6' and 250 pounds. Includes a full hood. 

2 weight belts with 90lbs of weight. 

Upgraded swivel nozzle on 20' hose. 

All hoses are in great shape, no leaks or cracks. Garage kept when not in use. 

Upgraded Honda Engine package. Full service done at the end of each season. (Oil changed and new plugs) Starts first pull. 

For anyone purchasing this Dredge at full price I will give you 4 exact locations in West Georgia that are currently producing decent gold and are easily accesssed where you can go get some of that pretty yellow gold. Dredge can be tested on the water for serious buyers. 

Text me for fastest results and pictures of everything. 678.360.8397

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